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Get a New Life with Kidney Transplantation in India

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure where the in which the damaged kidneys are replaced with a new kidney. The new kidney takes over the work of cleaning the blood. There are two types of kidney transplant those that come from living donors and other comes from unrelated donors who have died which are also referred as non-living donors. Living donor can be patients any family member. Patients who suffer from end-stage chronic kidney disease or kidney failure are recommended with kidney transplant surgery. Kidney Transplantation Surgery in India is performed under general anesthesia which takes around 2-4 hours. While performing the surgery the surgeon surgically placed the new kidneys on the lower right or left the side of the patient's abdomen which is then connected to the blood vessels and bladder. The arteries and the veins are then connected to the vein and artery of the new kidneys that are being transplanted. The ureter of a new kidney is then attached to the patient's bladder which allows the urine to pass out of the patient’s body. Kidney transplantation surgery is one of the most expensive surgical procedure which is available in India at very affordable costs. IndianMedTrip medical tourism company is associated with the top most healthcare facilities and surgeons in India. IndianMedTrip offers a post or preoperative consultation with doctors, surgery arrangement, accommodation, travel and visits to exotic locations. IndianMedTrip aims to transform your healthcare journey into a cherished memory in India.

To get more information about kidney transplantation surgery in India, send an E-mail at: info@indianmedtrip.com